Like any other discipline, being an author is challenging and will require commitment and tedious work. Below are some New Year’s Resolutions for Writers that will assist you to that end. You need not attempt them all at once but rather decide which ones resonate with you, incorporate those you need the most at the moment, and as you accomplish a few, add more.


Sincerely proclaim and affirm, I will:

  • Own being an excellent author.
  • Prioritize writing on my daily schedule of things to do and stop procrastinating.
  • Set and adhere to a goal of writing a specific number of times per week.
  • Not overload my schedule sensibly planning out each day.
  • Identify a dedicated writing space that will motivate me.
  • Silence electronic devices when I am writing including stereo, television, and telephone.
  • Go to bed and get up at a precise time each day.
  • Be abstemious with food and caffeine intake on days when I write.
  • Say “I will” instead of “I will try to” when articulating my goals.
  • Make my goals measurable by indicating a specific day and time to complete them.
  • Carry a pad and pen or use the voice recorder on my cell phone to keep track of inspirations throughout the day.
  • Utilize a dictionary and a thesaurus to enhance my vocabulary.
  • Copyedit and proofread my work several times over until I find no mistakes.
  • Develop a personal writing style.
  • Keep my emphasis on “quality” as opposed to “quantity.”
  • Honor my instincts and integrity and not write just for money.
  • Take breaks and get some fresh air to allow my mind to rest.
  • Reward myself with something I enjoy when positively achieving my goals.
  • Read the works of other authors especially the great masters in the field.
  • Publish at least one of my works if no more than a poem.
  • Either join a writing group or cultivate the friendship of one or more writers who I esteem.
  • Engage in research on my topics of choice and use quotes to give my works more credibility.
  • Learn to paraphrase as well as express my personal ideas, using direct quotes no more than 25% of the time.
  • On occasion step outside my comfort zone and research topics with which I am unfamiliar.
  • Complete my projects by their deadlines.
  • Place limits on the time I spend with social media.
  • Honestly critique other writers who ask for my opinion.
  • Revisit my resolutions on a weekly basis to evaluate my progress.


Again, you need not undertake all of these at one time. As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”: neither will your writing expertise be. Nonetheless, it is comforting to know that at whatever stage you are, you can keep growing and even start afresh.


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